Who’s who in the Zoo

In this guide we are going to give you a brief tour of the main players who will be involved in protests in Eltham. You should bear in mind that although all of these people are craven cowards they are also unsafe to be around if you are alone – so don’t be!

There are many other authoritative pages that can provide you with very comprehensive information on groups and individuals. We have listed these at the bottom of this post.

Party For Freedom (PFF)

Is a lunatic fringe, unregistered political party based in Sydney. PFF is infamous for stunts such as invading Rod Bower’s congregation in Gosford and scaring the bejesus out of the elderly congregation. You can find some footage of that here –

They have carried out relatively small but vocal opposition events to the Safe Schools Program, Halal Certification, Equal Marriage Rights and of course non anglo-celtic migration.

Basically 18th century troglodytes in action; if you really want to watch the most miserable humans this nation has to offer express their views then here is the PFF Facebook page. Don’t stay there too long, you’ll lose the will to live! https://www.facebook.com/partyforfreedom.aust/

Nick Folkes

bac61e888285db45f93b453c06065ee0Nick is the leader of the PFF and its chief clown. Although he may behave like a buffoon the ideas he spreads are no joke, nor the actions of the twisted individuals who follow him. Make no mistake Nick Folkes is a danger to the wellbeing of Australian Society in general and individuals therein. Nick seems to have an obsession with Donald Trump and American politics in general. He seems to often have trouble distinguishing the country in which he resides and its applicable constitution

Toby Cook

toby_cook-715x400Here’s one of those inherent contradictions that extreme nationalist movements seem to throw up. Young Toby’s familial heritage isn’t exactly in keeping with the white and bright preferences of the PFF et al and yet here he is. Curious indeed. Toby is very keen to engage in physical confrontation with the “Left” (code for anyone who doesn’t share his abhorrent intentions toward minorities) so be prepared if engaged or engaging with this misguided young man. Known to follow Nick around like a puppy dog. Just for fun here is a short and funny video of Tobe’s adventures in patriot land and psycho-active drugs

The United Patriots Front

This group is currently in some turmoil after a failed bid to create a political party called Fortitude. Seems they actually didn’t have any. However it maintains a Facebook page with some 70K+ followers and is an active rallying point for right wing lunatics. It is currently being eclipsed by the True Blue Crew (see down the page)

The UPF was created by Shermon Burgess aka “The Great Australian Patriot” splintering from the Reclaim Australia movement. The Reclaim movement, while extreme, proved not extreme enough for Burgess who espoused an even more violent and hate-filled approach to minorities and the “left”. Shermon, pointing to a video mocking him made by a UPF member as the cause of his downfall, resigned and appointed his then lieutenant Blair Cottrell as leader. Burgess immediately then embarked on an online fund raising campaign to power his resurrection (or something). He remains outside the UPF after he engaged in a bitter feud accusing the UPF leadership of all being active or former neo-nazis.

Blair Cottrell

1f66a282e5725a1b31a0979df7741db1Blair is the leader of the UPF and recently appeared on the ABC Hack Live program espousing white supremacy and accusing all Muslims of being sleeper agents of some giant Koranic conspiracy. If there is a lunatic fringe Blair is on the fringe of that fringe. But like Folkes, while he invites mockery there is a very dark aspect to Blair Cottrell.


You can find a selection of screenshots of choice quotations from Blair on women and violence, Mein Kampf in schools and so much more revulsion here –

Quotations of Chairman Cottrell

We’ll let this video speak for itself about Blair’s convictions for drug trafficking, arson and stalking.

Thomas Sewell

7470814-3x2-940x627Thomas is the eternal bridesmaid of the UPF and one of the few former players not to jump ship. Interestingly he is a South African immigrant who decries immigration – go figure. Thomas espouses violence as a solution to opposing opinions and is in no way averse to striking women as this video attests to.

The True Blue Crew – TBC

The True Blue Crew arose in Melton and enjoyed a reputation for the violent harassment of the local population of African origin.

As the UPF and Reclaim found themselves frustrated and unable to mount successful demonstrations in Melbourne due to popular opposition they instead began to target small peri-urban  centres (sound familiar?). In some ways this proved the undoing of the UPF and paved the way for the rise of the TBC as the centres the UPF picked, Bendigo and Melton, were in ,or nearby to the areas where the TBC enjoyed the highest concentrations of support. Although their expressions of violence and hatred are arguably even more extreme than the UPF ,the TBC have grown substantially and attempted, in conjunction with the UPF, to overrun the streets of Coburg in opposition to a peaceful pro-refugee march. They were driven off in short order by local and anti-fascist crowds.

The TBC recently held a rally in Melton to protest the non-existent Islamification of Melton at which, instead, they fought with frenemy group the Soldiers of Odin. The exchange, all captured on camera is actually quite amusing, albeit depressing.

Kane Miller


Kane is the leader of the TBC and regularly spouts white supremacist rhetoric via the groups Facebook page. He feels he is marginalised and in no particular order blames Muslims, the Left, LGBTIQ and the Marxist State Labor government. He is most famous for his utterance on video of the slogan “TBC! What do we do? We smash c….ts! You fu…….ng dogs! ”

Zane Chapman


Zane Chapman is the TBC’s performing seal. He is pepper sprayed at pretty much every event he attends, but still keeps popping up. He is vocal, violent and a very active agitator – beware.

Corey Hadow

Another of the TBC thugs always, by his on admission, looking for a fight. Was arrested and charged at a Melbourne demonstration last year. Exercise caution.

TBC Rogues Gallery coming soon

The Soldiers of Odin

We’ll let Antifascist Action Sydney tell you all about the SOO.

“Soldiers of Odin are a Finnish far right vigilante group. It was founded in 2015 in Kemi by several neo Nazis with the purpose of conducting volunteer street patrols to “defend” Finnish citizens from so called rampant immigrant crime. The group was identified early for its Nazi ties (even with such a discrete name) and for functioning as not much more than a violent anti immigrant group patrolling the streets in packs and matching hoodies to intimidate people.

Funny thing about SOO is, they are culturally confused and seemingly not well versed in their own history. As a Finnish group, they named their organisation after fearless Nordic war god Odin. Problem is, he is not of Finland or their folk culture. Finland have their own folk hero known as Vainamoinen, who was known for travelling and spreading wisdom and peace, not xenophobia and fear mongering.

SOO have inspired imitators and cos players across the world, including Australia, with branches having been formed in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Our neo Nazi friends at WLT and surrogate page United Nationalists Australia seem to think that SOO, like that of their own shrinking nationalist (Nazi) circle, are a bunch of jokers. They have been denounced as a Zionist front group established to destroy the patriot movement and swindle as many dollars out of its short lived support base through merchandising  and membership fees.”

Jay B Moore

37a539a300000578-3762078-image-a-11_1472373623109Jay B Moore is the self styled leader of the Soldiers of Odin Melbourne Chapter. You might be unlucky enough to encounter Jay and his friends doing “street patrols” in the Melbourne CBD.

You can enjoy his potty mouth and get an idea of the man from the video below in which he has a little contretemps with his other dress up frenemies at the TBC in Melton

Cam Moody McCann

fbsAnother common attendee at SOO events if Moody McCann, that is when he’s not driving around Werribee in his tip truck – mouthy, but potentially dangerous if you turn your back on him – exercise caution

Ashley McIvor

A locally based foot soldier of the SOO, pictured left at Heidelberg with Kane Miller and right engaging in a bit of self love (we presume) – likely to be attendance – exercise caution.

Other SOO hangers on you are likely to encounter

Randoms you may encounter

Julian DeRoss

julian_de_ross2aka Hugh Pearson, The Great Aussie Patriarch (cough, cough) etc. Considers himself the Godfather of the Victorian extreme right. Espouses fundamentalist christian dogma combined with distinctly fascist views. Harmless, but may well bore you to death with illogical word salad. Was also an organiser of the Heidelberg event, supplied the ute and the sound system that died. Has been excluded from the UPF and is now looking for a new home, latched onto the TBC and PFF in the hope of validation and being heard. Left the “Bone of Justice” outside Macklin’s office door – yep we know; out there where the buses don’t run!

Greg Hansford

308267_10151022486411829_1889310050_n_cropHarmless but vapid – avoid if you want to preserve your will to live – assisted with the setting up at the Heidelberg event outside Jenny Macklin’s  office. Remember the bully at school who always had some little rat faced kid to do the mouthing off for him? Meet him 20 years on.

Neil Erikson – online only

screen-shot-2016-02-12-at-4-25-03-amSince the great Nazi-gate affair of earlier this year in which Erikson outed himself as a “former” neo-nazi along with the leadership of the UPF and the SOO he isn’t really welcome at their events. In 2014 he was convicted of stalking and harassing an elderly Rabbi. He remains allied to Shermon Burgess and together they run a Facebook page hilariously called Australian Settlers Rebellion.

Stalking and harassment are Neils modus operandi rather than a straight up fight. He claimed to have accidentally stumbled into an Equal Love demonstration and started a fight in which he claimed to have broken the jaw of a local political leader despite the same leader appearing unmarked on video moments after and the absence of any footage of this blow despite abundant material from many angles being readily available. Similarly during this scuffle he claimed to have had a finger forcibly inserted into his anus and again despite comprehensive footage from start to finish this act remains unobserved (mercifully)

Neil is a fantasist, a compulsive attention seeker and a stalker who makes videos expressing his xenophobia, transphobia, homophobia and islamophobia. It appears Neil is scared of a lot of things, but harassing you online or R/L if given the opportunity to do so without the possibility of retribution, isn’t one – so take care if you engage online.

He is currently facing a number of serious charges related to the beheading of a dummy outside the Bendigo Council Offices and hopefully will receive the custodial sentence the prosecution so strongly recommended last time. Here Neil bravely harasses the care staff at St Vincent’s in Eltham.

Pages containing a great more detail

Slackbastard – http://slackbastard.anarchobase.com/

Anonykatz – https://www.facebook.com/anonykatz/

Southern Crosstika – http://southerncrosstika.com/

AntiBogan WordPress – https://theantibogan.wordpress.com/

Send us anything you’d like to add

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