A little more investigation of locals and their motivations

If you think any of this concern from “locals” is centred solely on aged care we have a nice piece of land on the moon to sell you cheap!

The image that they are attempting to convey is that some locals became concerned that the elderly would be sharing a 17 hectare site with doctors, lawyers, teachers and nurses (etc) from Syria and their families – sounds pretty stupid when you actually lay it out doesn’t it?

However, let’s auggest a much more plausible explanation. Despite their appeals to be just concerned residents, much as the Reclaim Australia militants claimed to be just average mums and dads, some of the “locals” driving this have profiles connected with islamophobic, anti-multicultural and extreme nationalist groups, in some case over a very long period of time

Make no mistake. This is issue is a godsend for these people. We suggest it allows them to express their pre-existing bigotry and gain incredible publicity for it at the expense of the aged and refugees. We further suggest this is not about refugees for this group, this is about validating and spreading hatred

Let u13428419_1766611843610566_7727931284019357621_ns introduce George Jameson. George has a long association with Party for Freedom. Below he is pictured with Toby Cook of Party for Freedom. This image is from the 15th of June this year.

George has attended many PFF events and represented the PFF at a TBC event in Melton recently



selection_028Here is an interesting entry from George’s friend list. Clearly Garry Hume, who was central in the organisation of the Heidelberg rally and the harassment of the St Vincents centre just recently, has a connection to a man deeply involving in the spreading of hate.

But did this relationship pre-date the current fracas?


selection_020The answer is yes of course it did and here we see Garry commenting and asking the question “will we see a domino effect” referring to the brexit.

Note the date the date of the comment – the 24th of August

Certainly suggests Garry is a  connection to the Party for Freedom and was invested in the politics of hate well prior to surfacing of this “local” protest movement.

Be sure thank Garry for what he has brought to Eltham.




Here is another of the organisers Marg Lennon.  We ran a couple of happy snaps of her on another post. She has attracted the attention of online anti-rascist groups with her comments recorded back until at least 2013 and often in conjunction with one Nick Hunter Folkes. You can see some of her trail over at the Anti-Bogan WordPress.

Here’s a little selection of the groups Marg belongs to. Note that one is RA Media or Reclaim Australia Media, the media organisation of the now pretty much defunct Reclaim Australia Movement. Pretty hard to claim your just a neutral citizen when you’ve been all over hard core extreme right and hate pages for a considerable time don’t you think Marg? Be sure to thank Marg too for the produce of bigotry.

Don’t be fooled these people are NOT who they are representing themselves to be!

Fill us in if there is anything else you think we should know


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