Garry Hume, will you answer for what you’ve done?

Here, on the 5th of August Garry posts to the Party For Freedom page and engages Hugh Pearson. You’ll remember that Hugh floats between extreme right groups like some evil granddad until they get sick of him and move him on. Hugh was also the man who did the setup for the rally in Heidelberg. Ignoring Garry’s obvious racism and misogyny (your poor wife!) and Hugh’s thinly veiled threats (will be referred to the AFP), this is clear evidence that Garry was colluding with extreme right wing nutjob groups long before this controversy.


Here we see Garry posting to the extremist organisation the United Patriots Front, note the date


and here we are again innocently posting to extremist groups.


So Mr Hume you may believe that working as a cabling sub contractor you are independent of your actions. However, we would like to remind you that the absolute majority of Australians will not abide people who consort with white supremacists, spout racism online and bring communities into danger. These people also express that revulsion with their business.


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