And here come the inevitable threats of violence


This was posted today by Hugh Pearson – aka Julian DeRoss of Kilsyth – on the True Blue Crew page, directed at Bev Brock. For future reference, you flaming wing niblets; a. no one from DYVRS was anywhere near any of your local bigots’ houses,  nor wishes to be, and b. Bev Brock belongs to Welcome to Eltham and has no connection to DYVRS apart from living in the same general area, along with several hundred thousand other people.

We had a nice conversation with local police the morning after the alleged trespass incident and they mentioned nothing about it – funny about that.

For those not following insanity of the “patriot” movement, in particular the True Blew Crew here is a copy of the TBC post kindly archived by Anonykatz  here


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