The first of our Voices from the Valley

Thank you anon for this heart felt contribution

“So let me just get this straight, we have people who have been torn from their homes by war, seeking safety and your humanity leads you to believe that you’re justified in that nasty, hate-filled, self-important rhetoric that you spew?

There is something fundamentally wrong with you as a human being if this is your response.
Please take a second to put yourselves in the shoes of these people who have no other choice but to flee their homes.
How do you sleep at night knowing that your mission is to not only make these human beings feel unwelcome but to dehumanised them to the point where you would consider sterilisation a genuine approach?

There is no way to argue with that level of malicious, cruel contempt. You make me feel embarrassed to be called an Australian.

Our culture gains so much from diversity.

I’m not sure where your hatred comes from, but I’m willing to guess you just don’t like what you don’t understand, what kind of approach to life is that?

You’re not tough, you’re utterly repulsive (and that’s putting it lightly).

I urge you to question why you hold these distorted views? Why you’re going to be terrorising the elderly to get your own agenda across, whilst simultaneously claiming that you are rallying in support of the very people you are terrorising.

I will welcome all refugees with open arms and do my best to support them within the community.

When I was homeless, it was a Muslim refugee who helped me to find accommodation. Last christmas I thought I would be spending it alone until my two Afghani mates picked me up to spend it at the beach.

The experiences that I’ve had with people who come from refugee backgrounds has been heartwarming. In my experience they have been generous, kind, considerate and so very grateful to live in this beautiful country (despite the fact that it is often our bombs that leave these people without homes.)

So to the refugees who will be homed in Eltham, I welcome you to this beautiful country, it is just as much mine as it is yours, and please don’t let these nasty little boys discourage you from creating a new life here.”


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