A Helpful Protest Guide for Nov 5th

If this is your first time at a march/protest then hopefully these tips will be useful for you on the day.

Please note that although this guide makes considerable reference to safety, the Nov 5 rally is being organised in a way to absolutely maximise safety and minimise any contact or conflict with opposition groups

Please remember too, if you want to only come to the first part of the morning that’s perfectly fine!



Even though the weather is predicted to be mild please bring some water, if you are unused to being in a crowd then this alone may elevate your metabolism and make you thirsty after a little while so bring a drink bottle and a backpack.

Hats and Sunscreen

Please make sure you think about these items, as we will not be shaded at either stop. Particularly children will need a hat, even on a day as cloudy as expected.

Wet Weather Gear
The forecast for the day is for light rain. We suggest you bring a raincoat with a hood. Umbrellas aren’t a good option – we don’t want anyone getting poked in the eye.

Also wear closed shoes. These will provide protection from the sun, from stray police horses, and will mean you can move quickly if required.

Visual Messages

We’ll have signs available of the day but we’d prefer you brought something authentically yours that communicates a message you want to send. Alternatively get together with a few people and bring a banner.

You can download printable A3 placards in PDF here which can be sized up or down




Something to share

Cake, biscuits in fact any food, an acoustic musical instrument you’d like to play, a skill you’d like to share (maybe you juggle or you’re an ace face painter;) whatever it is, bring it with you.

Bear in mind though, at our second stop anything loud will be very problematic, so if you were thinking trumpet, maybe better leave that one.

This is a really important aspect, let’s reflect the sense of community in the area in how we choose to protest.

Bring your picnic blanket, but leave chairs or such at home.


Physical Safety

We don’t want to scare anyone unnecessarily, but there are some sensible precautions to be taken to avoid unpleasant encounters with any of the far right wing nut jobs (RWNJ).

First and foremost stay together! On the day there will be occasional RWNJ’s wandering around, alone or in small groups. While a physical altercation is unlikely unless you actively encourage it, an uncomfortable and intimidating verbal exchange is possible. Surrounded by other activists and with our security team you are safe from being isolated and experiencing this.

So stay with the group, follow the marshals’ guidance and stay behind the banners, and you’ll be fine.

Critical Times

At the conclusion of the second part of our rally, we will ask people to return to a final debrief point. At this time we’ll organise people to move to the carpark and the train station in groups accompanied by security. Please don’t just wander off, you risk an encounter that you rather might not have.

If you do intend to go alone then check what you are wearing – perhaps consider bringing a jumper to put over the top, or a change of clothes, if you are wearing something which readily identifies you as belonging to the SAFE rally.

Emotional Safety

Some people are very anxious in crowds, particularly crowds of strangers, even when they’re awesome people like we all are! Just the act of moving through a public place in a large group of people induces some level of anxiety in most people. Knowledge that there are people congregating nearby that appear to be fueled by hatred is also anxiety inducing.

We’ll try very hard to reduce the tension on the day and make it as relaxed as we can for you, but here are some suggestions to help yourself as well;

  • Bring a buddy on the day if you can
  • Drink plenty of fluid afterwards
  • Make sure you have something that makes you happy to do Saturday night as you unwind, whatever that might be, do it around people you care about and who care about you.
  • Contemplate that you spent the morning amongst people who value their compassion over their comfort and you are one – RWNJ’s are just vocal, they are not the norm!
  • Let yourself be proud of what you’ve done to help
  • Stay in touch with DYVRS and write down your stories from the day and we’ll publish them to the community

The Loos

Be aware that there are no nearby loos for us to use once the rally begins. That means around 2 hours without easy loo access. While people might be able to be escorted to the station this bleeds off our security, and also may not actually be possible if there are RWNJ’s around.


So please make sure you go right before we gather!

There are toilets at the station, toilets behind the shops adjacent Woolworths carparks and toilets in the shopping arcade shared by Coles just at the base of the escalator to the carpark.

See you on the day!

DYVRS Admin Team


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