Vile harassment of a woman

Welcome to the latest from some scumbags you’ve met before

Here is Julian De Ross, he likes, among others, to go by the name of Hugh Pearson. You might remember him as the man who made online threats against Bev Brock in the lead up to the counter protest at Eltham.

So keep reading, we’ll set some background for you and then lay out Julian’s part and why for us he is a human emetic.

Another familiar face to Eltham is Neil Erikson, who is now the admin of a page entitled “Cooks Convicts”. Clearly Erikson has more talent for two word alliterations than he does for history. However it seems the troglodytes that inhabit the page took considerable offence at Catherine Deveny’s recent Tweets regarding ANZAC day. So much so that one Ricky Turner and oneĀ Rino Grgurovic aka Bluebeard decided to knock on Ms Deveny’s front door at night to intimidate her.

Ricky Turner has been involved in a number of violent incidents in Melbourne recently and is currently awaiting trial on related charges. Rino Grgurovic has recently joined Neil Erikson’s boy band and has recorded himself harassing and intimidating his perceived “enemies” both here and interstate.

Here is some footage of the stunt;

Chilling hey?

But pay careful attention to mid section of the video. Leaning on this white ute and lurking in the background is none other than the man who threatened Bev Brock; Julian De Ross aka Hugh Pearson.



Here he is here outside Ms Deveny’s house;

Now for context we’d like you to consider this;

Apparently Melbourne was too far to drive for the ANZAC service?

A quick perusal of Julian/Hugh’s page or his nausea inducing Great Australian Patriarch page will reveal the professing of a deep and abiding love of the ANZAC tradition.

Yet is seems Julian couldn’t make it down from Gippsland for ANZAC day but he could make it to participate in the misogynistic intimidation of a woman with an opinion. So what can we infer from this display?

The obvious conclusion is that Julian is far more motivated at the prospect of physically intimidating a middle age woman than he is by celebration of his beloved ANZAC tradition at the Shrine. Tells us exactly who you are and what you really value and the values of those from who’s coat tails you hang.

Make no mistake that underneath any of this patriot movement there is anything but the exercise of white male power. Nationalism, ANZAC mythology, fetishisation of flags, xenophobia etc etc are just patsies – tools that allow the exercising of gender and race based power by individuals too pathetic to have power over their own lives. If you identify as anything other than pro-white male you’d better be submissive and compliant and for pity’s sake don’t express an opinion or you might have a few blokes with bad hygiene and no brain turn up on your doorstep late at night wanting to “chat”.

Post Script Curiously our own Sandi Pike made comment about the video above on the Cooks Convicts page before the video was even posted – were you there too Sandi? Sure sounds like it.

Sandi.Pike.10; feel free to ask her politely.





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