We give you Melbourne’s thug Taliban

These are the men (note all of them men) who accompanied Blair Cottrell harassing and intimidating a street performer on Sunday. We have a few more to track down, if you can help just message the page or leave a comment.


1 Luke Phipps
2 Bayden Mottee
3 Ian Sayer
4 Max Towns (TBC Sydney) **Assaulted another man on camera**
5 Lee Taylor (Sydney) aka Gen Z Conservative
6 Jacob Hersant (Lads Society, Antipodean Resistance)
7 Still tracking
8 Kayne Miller (TBC “boss”)
9 Currently Troy Blackstone but has gone under the names Trey and  Troy Bloodstone and Troy Targaryen
10 Unknown TBC Still tracking
11 Rino Grgurovic (aka Bluebeard)
12 Steven Hansford (TBC)
13 Still tracking

Here’s a better picture of number 10 (far right);

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 6.56.01 pm.png


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